Fierce Activists — A Progressive Slate for the Environmental Caucus

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Elect a progressive slate to the California Democratic Party's Environmental Caucus

Any California Democrat can come to the convention at the Sacramento Convention Center, attend the caucus meeting on Friday, April 12, 2013, at 7:30 p.m., and vote for this slate.

California Democrats have a well deserved reputation for standing up to protect the land, water, and air of our golden state - the California Environmental Quality Act and AB32 are both landmarks of their eras - and electing environmental champions to public office. Yet every year, new challenges arise. This year, the state will confront decisions on a new bonanza of fracking for dirty oil; changes to CEQA; protection of the Bay Delta; attacks on solar energy and the green jobs they bring; and many others.

Recently the Environmental Caucus has not been leading on environmental issues. In the last two years, caucus leadership has failed to originate any resolutions, has ducked a public stand against last-minute amending of CEQA, has sent mixed signals re watering down a fracking resolution, and has sent no communications asking caucus members to take action on issues within California.

We're running to change that.

Read about RL Miller's leadership on fracking.

Read where climate author Bill McKibben, founder of, tells about "what's great about RL" Miller.

See what the California Democratic Party is doing and what will be happening at the California Democratic Convention.

Text PDAaction to 99000 to get text alerts shortly before votes on Environmental Caucus and Progressive Caucus leadership!

Don't forget to vote for us on Friday, April 12 at 7:30 PM. Thank you for caring about California's environment!


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  • Ventura County Democratic Central Committee
  • Fresno County Democratic Central Committee
  • Progressive Democrats of America, San Fernando Valley
  • Veteran Democrats of Sacramento County
  • Latino Democratic Club of Sacramento
  • North (San Fernando) Valley Democratic Club
  • Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains
  • Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento County
  • Sacramento State College Democrats
Elected Officials and Candidates
  • Congresswoman Julia Brownley
  • State Senator Fran Pavley, author of landmark climate law, AB32
  • Paul Koretz, Los Angeles city councilmember, former member of the Assembly
  • Joe Shaw, Huntington Beach city councilmember
  • Rebecca Saltzman, elected BART Director and former president, East Bay Young Dems
  • Damian Carroll, CDP Executive Board and candidate for Assembly in the 45th AD
  • Antonio Sanchez, DPSFV and Los Angeles School Board candidate
National Leaders
  • Rick Jacobs, founder of Courage Campaign and former California chair of Howard Dean campaign
  • Tim Carpenter, National Director, Co-Founder, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Mimi Kennedy, Actress, Advisory Board Chair, Progessive Democrats of America
  • Bob Fertik, president and founder of
  • Judy Hess, National Field Director, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Adam Scow, food-safety activist
Party Leaders
  • Karen Bernal, Progressive Caucus chair (retiring)
  • Ray Bishop, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 45; candidate for chair of the Business and Professions Caucus
  • Brad Parker, President, Valley Democrats United; candidate for Progressive Caucus chair
  • David Atkins, chair, Ventura County Democratic Central Committee
  • Susie Shannon, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 50; CDP Legislation Committee; Executive Director at Poverty Matters
  • Brian Leubitz, CDP Region 4 director, CDP Resolutions Committee co-chair, and publisher of Calitics
  • Susan Rowe, Chair, Madera County DCC; Vice Chair, CDP Rural Caucus (Region 8)
  • Richard M. Mathews, Regional Vice Chair, LACDP; CDP Executive Board and Legislation Committee
  • David Sonneborn, CDP Legislation Committee; Elected delegate, AD 68
  • Gary Lasky, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 23
  • Lisa Simon, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 38
  • Beth Caskie, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 42
  • Tom Camarella, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 54
  • Lucas O'Connor, Elected CDP Executive Board Member for AD 80
Other Activists
  • Dr. Bill Honigman, California State Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Marcy Winograd, co-founder of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles
  • Janet Stromberg, co-founder and steering committee member, 350 Bay Area; formerly of CDP Executive Board
  • Gail Work, Chair, Election Integrity Committee - San Mateo County Democratic Party (2006-2012)
  • Evan Gillespie, LA Beyond Coal (Sierra Club)
  • Leah Herzberg, LACDP, DPSFV, PDSFV
  • Arline Mathews, Consumer Activist, past Democratic Nominee for Congress
  • Bruce Little, Co-founder, Grandparents for Obama
  • Lizet Lau, PDSFV member
  • Conor Boylan, Deputy Director and Field Director, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Flo A Weber, member, Progressive Democrats San Fernando Valley
Netroots and Bloggers
  • Timothy Lange (Meteor Blades), DailyKos Senior Political Writer for the front page
  • David Roberts, Grist climate blogger
  • Dante Atkins, DailyKos featured writer
  • Marta Evry, Venice4Change blogger/community activist, Venice Beach
  • Ted Glick, Climate Activist, Organizer, Grist contributor
Club Leaders
  • Michael Kulka, president of the Democratic Alliance for Action
  • Margie Murray, Newsletter Editor and 2nd Vice President, Valley Dems United; KPFK Local Station Board Member
  • Dorothy Reik, President of Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
  • Dina Cervantes, President, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats
  • Helen Conly, President, Ojai Valley Democrats; Ventura County Democratic Central Committee; and environmental activist
  • Johnathan Ervin, President, Democratic Club of the High Desert (Lancaster); candidate for First Vice Chair of Veterans Caucus
  • Annette Saint John Lawrence, Executive Board of VDU and DPSFV
  • Brad Hudson, Treasurer of Stonewall Democrats of Ventura County
  • Mike Young, immediate past president, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats
Other Delegates
  • Frank Egger, DCC Marin Representative, AD 10; President, Ross Valley Sanitary District
  • Alice Chan, Elected Delegate, AD 10; Chair of Progressive Democrats Sonoma County
  • Ken Jones, Elected Delegate, AD 10
  • Steve Brooks, LACDP Representative, AD 36
  • Brian Leshon, Elected Delegate, AD 37
  • Monika Curry, Elected Delegate, AD 38
  • Dorri Raskin, LACDP Representative, AD 38
  • Michael Harrington, Elected Delegate, AD 42; candidate for Region 19 director
  • John Griffin, AD 44
  • Jay Kapitz, AD 44
  • Ruth Capelle, AD 44
  • Sylvia Navarro, AD 44
  • Sandy Emberland, AD 44
  • Bette Empol, AD 44
  • Eileen MacEnery, Democratic Nominee, AD 44
  • Thom Tibor, Elected Delegate, AD 44
  • Don Bing, Elected Delegate, AD 44
  • Colleen Graven, Elected Delegate, AD 44
  • Michael Goldman, Elected Delegate, AD 45; DPSFV Board; PDA; PDSFV; PDSMM
  • Jodie Cooper, Elected Delegate, AD 45, PDSFV
  • Karleen Basch, Elected Delegate, AD 45, PDSFV
  • Cary Brown, Elected Delegate, AD 45, PDSMM, PDSFV
  • Teresa Priem, Elected Delegate, AD 45, PDSFV, Clean Money Campaign
  • Lloyd Dent, Elected Delegate, AD 46
  • Doris Dent, AD 46
  • Wendy Block, Elected Delegate, AD 46; DPSFV Endorsement Committee
  • Greg Diamond, Orange County North Area Vice Chair, AD55
  • Peg Mitchell, Elected Delegate, AD 75
  • J. Caleb Donner, Elected Member of Ventura County Democratic Central Committee, District 4.
* Titles for identification purposes only

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